Students push back on the flipped classroom


Students push back on the flipped classroom

It seemed like cinch - video record the teacher and get students to watch it in their own time, and then use the teacher more productively to facilitate discussions during classroom time. Why then would students be the ones to push back when this model is implemented?

According to Robert Talbert, students "want you to lecture to them and tell how to do everything so that they can earn a top grade in the class". (See link to article below). It is possible that the new versions of lectures have more resources than could be presented in the traditional classroom; they may be more enriched, understandable and enjoyable to watch or read. Is this what learners are looking for though or is the key: "so that they can earn a top grade in the class"? If this is the case, old examination papers with questions and answers that are regurgitated year after year may be what learners really want! The shortest route to passing the subject is still likely to be high on any learner's priority list.

Talbert recommends trying to engage the learner in longer-term thinking. He suggests asking students how they might cope with the assignment in 5 or 10 years time when the teacher is no longer around and the student needs to understand the content to perform income-generating work. It is at this time that many people will wish they had gained a better comprehension of how to resolve that 'problem', rather than merely coming up with a solution to pass an examination.

If you have started flipping your classroom by enriching it with resources, do not give up too quickly! You may be giving your learners a better chance at a productive working life, than if you only prepare them to pass the next examination.


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Submitted on 12 May 2014.