Bloom's taxonomy apps for iPads


Bloom's taxonomy apps for iPads

Most educators would have come across Bloom's taxonomy at some stage and use the framework when designing teaching and learning processes. In recent months, I have noticed a few postings that link Bloom's taxonomy with iPad apps. There are no doubt apps for other tablets, but the emphasis has been on the iPad.

As one progresses up the taxonomy, there are now a multitude of apps that educators can consider incorporating into the classroom. Posters, diagrams and even a wheel have been created to show how iPad tools can be used to support particular aspects of the taxonomy. Many of these tools are free, but take care when downloading an app - make sure that it really is free (or that you are willing to pay for it). Give the app a try for a few days to see that it works well and that it does in fact help you with your work. Incorporating many more apps may just add more work to your already busy schedule! 

The lists of possible apps appear long and unless you are a person who really enjoys downloading and trying out new apps, you may rather choose to restrict yourself to a few essential tools. Trying out many apps can be a risk to your computer, so another way to safely try out apps, is to ask colleagues and friends what they have used successfully. A good reference from a trusted friend can save you a lot of trouble. Remember that you are not trying out a new app just to keep up with technology trends; you are trying to connect better with your learners. Your learners themselves may also be the right people to ask about the apps that work for them. 

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Submitted on 22 April 2014.